Lloma Mackenzie

Artist - Printmaker, Painter

Artist at Work

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Cutting a design into lino at my studio.
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Inking up - mixing up oil based ink and rolling it onto the lino before printing. Often very thin transparent ink colours re used.
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The caustic etch lino design has been printed on my press. My press is an old Enjay that was at the Art department at Underdale Campus, Adelaide, South Australia. This image shows me lifting the new image off the lino block.
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In my studio with printing gear and tools.
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Hand printing onto Japanese paper using a Ball-bearing baren.
I am overprinting onto another linoprint.
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Showing the underside of the baren.
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Circular motions are used with the baren.
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Lifting the lino to reveal the print.
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Printing the press using hand printed chene colle and lino onto Haruki ( textured Japanese paper).